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What is the Best Wine to Serve with Easter Dinner?

What is the Best Wine to Serve with Easter Dinner?

Author: Richard & Rosanne/Wednesday, July 9, 2014/Categories: What's In Your Glass

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If there was ever a tough question to answer, this would be it! There are a lot of different flavours at Easter dinner, because everyone has a different idea about what food represents Easter to their family. Some have turkey, or ham, maybe beef, and we can’t forget vegetarian and vegan dishes. Then you have side dishes and also things like sauces, gravies and all that yummy stuff that makes us so happy.

So here is what we have come up with for you to cover all the bases: red, white and rosé. A little bit of everything for everyone and every type of food we can think of. We chose a red for the first wine. It is flavourful and fruity all at the same time and will be great with any beef dishes, mushroom dishes or even some poultry on the barbeque. Yeah! Spring is hear! Why not barbeque Easter dinner!

White is the colour of the second wine. It is soft, dry and will go with anything from turkey and ham to salmon plus some nice vegetable based foods.

The rosé is our tasty third wine. Think of strawberries, cherries and watermelon all in a glass. It is a bit off-dry, for those who like a glass with a touch of sweetness. This can go with anything from salads, poultry, ham, pork and whatever you like.

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